Untitled.pngPowerfully arousing in its dark intent … a smart, emotional story that promises to be remembered – Babel Reader

Midnight Hunter was an original and compelling story that was emotional and richly layered. Brianna Hale gives readers a uniquely crafted love story set in 1963 Germany, an unexpected journey between two people that is both beautiful and full of turmoil – Just Let Me Read

When the name Brianna Hale is attached to it, then I am all in … a truly magnetic book – Book Snob Sue

The tension is thick, and the anticipation had me flipping pages as fast as I could. Fans of dark romance will love the blend of historical setting with the erotic, forbidden flavor – The Librarian’s Corner

My admiration for historical romance has returned after reading this masterpiece of a novel – CristiinaReads

This is my favorite book at the moment. I absolutely loved it!  – White Rose Stories

Volker is power, is authority, is dangerous, is untouchable. Everyone fears Volker … he wants Evony. And what Volker wants, Volker gets – Andi Isack

A historical forbidden love that I didn’t know I needed – Honeyed Pages

Brianna Hale always seems to know what I need even if I don’t. Or maybe she just writes stories that speak to me unlike any others out there – AnObsessionWithBooks

A truly unique tale of survival, love and justice – BookShelfMuse

Sweet lord of all that is erotic in this world … I have been bestowed a gift. This is a tale of forbidden love, of enemies and traitors, of war Romantically Inclined Reviews – Romantically Inclined Reviews

Reinhardt Volker is a complex wonderful person to read and he made this book for me … an absolute pleasure to read – A Book Lover’s Emporium

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