It is…Forbidden

No, don’t fall in love with the handsome enemy! WAIT. STOP. Ohhh. Too late. You’ve fallen for him and now you’re in big trouble. And probably loads of danger too. Welp. Better kiss him. IN SECRET.

This trope? This trope kills me. I could sit and watch historical Romeo-and-Juliet-esque movies all day. Lovers separated by war, ideology and politics who find love in the most unlikely and dangerous circumstances, GIMME THAT SH*T. Hate each other on sight? EVEN BETTER.

Here’s a list of a few of my favourites. Not all of them are wartime and not all of them are historical, but they’re all damn hot, wonderful stories.

WARNING: Not all of these have a happy ending. Some of them will break your heart and stomp on it. Have the tissues ready.


Suite Francaise

Ladies, have you met Bruno von Falk? This handsome Germanic dude? Yep, he’s fighting for Hitler in occupied France. You couldn’t possibly fall for a man fighting for the Fuhrer.

Or could you? (You will.) This movie is spectacular and one of my all-time favourites.




Kommandant’s Girl

Look, a book got onto the list! There are obviously loads of historical wartime romance novels but this is my favourite. Yes, it’s another Nazi hero, and this time one far less sympathetic than von Falk as he’s a camp commandant. Jenoff makes you feel so much for him. And for her. Oh god. THE FEELINGS. This book is top notch and was very inspirational for Midnight Hunter.



The Royal Affair

F*** me it’s Mads Mikkelsen. Sorry, that’s my reaction to seeing Mads in anything, I adore this man. He blazes opposite Alicia Vikander in this “true” story of love, intrigue and politics in the Danish court. Mads and Alicia have spectacular chemistry.

In Danish with English subtitles. If that sounds like a drag I promise it’s not, you will be on the edge of your seat gunning for these two the whole film.

“You recognised me.”
“I would know you blindfolded.”



The English Patient

The book is gorgeous but I adore the film for Fiennes and Scott Thomas’ performances. This is proper hate-you-on-sight-but-want-to-bone-you-so-bad stuff. An epic story.




Before Queen Victoria and Prince Albert there was Victoria and Lord Melbourne, BFFs. Or … more than BFFs? #Vicbourne will make you want to rewrite the history books because HOT DAMN these two have chemistry. I adore Rufus Sewell, he was the manspo for Frederic in Soft Limits. It-s those eyes of his *shiver*



Star Wars: The Last Jedi

LOOK. I CAN SEE YOU ROLLING YOUR EYES FROM HERE. I know it’s controversial but these two?? These freaking two?? If you didn’t want to jump out of your seat and scream YEAH!!!!! when they went FULL BATTLE COUPLE in The Last Jedi then were you even watching the same the same film as the rest of us!? You don’t have to want them to end up together but when it comes to star-crossed chemistry, platonic or romantic, you gotta admit these two have loads.

And yes, she totally needs to kick his ass in the third movie he hella deserves it.



Lust, Caution

The short story is great but the film is even better. Girl spy? Hot, stoic hero? Tested loyalties? Intense bedroom scenes? Freaking CAT NIP for me. A tense, emotional film set in Japanese-occupied Hong Kong.


Thanks for reading! Comment with your favourite star-crossed forbidden-lovers film xx

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