New release announcement: THE PROTÉGÉ

Happy almost-spring northern-hemisphere peeps, and happy almost-autumn those in the south. I’m busy working on THE PROTÉGÉ, my forthcoming contemporary romance. The cover and all of the teasers are made and sitting patiently waiting for the big reveal. The cover, I love it so much. It’s perfect for Isabeau and Laszlo.

All they need now is for the author to finish the book. It’s two-thirds complete and over the next two weeks I’ll be writing and editing the ending. As soon as it’s close to being finished I’ll post the teasers and release date and set up the blogger sign-up form for the cover reveal and ARCs.

I can’t tell you much about THE PROTÉGÉ. Yet. But I can tell you a few things about it.

It’s a full-length BDSM/daddy kink novel, about the same length as SOFT LIMITS. It’s also a guardian/ward romance. I LOVE guardian/ward romances and you find them a lot in historical fiction, like Mr Knightley and Emma in Jane Austen’s EMMA, Judy and “Daddy” in DADDY-LONG-LEGS, and several Georgette Heyer books. One character, usually the hero, takes charge of an orphaned, vulnerable or uneducated young person and amid all the guidance and mentoring and hijinks…FEELINGS happen.

There aren’t a whole heap of contemporary guardian/ward romances so I’m just rolling up my sleeves and exploring all the angst and sexual tension that goes with this sort of relationship:

  • I watched her grow up how can I possibly have feelings for her
  • Oh Christ I have feelings for her, better bury those feelings FOREVER
  • He’ll never love me because he doesn’t think about me that way and he never will
  • I can’t stop thinking about how good it would be to kiss her, she’s so close to me and I can do nothing about it
  • I probably shouldn’t call him daddy in that way when he’s looked after me since I was eight years old but I really want to
  • She’s all grown up but I want to keep disciplining her, I can’t think about anything else when she’s close to me

Do you follow me on Instagram? Until I get a reader group set up on Facebook it’s where I am most active day-to-day and I post teasers for upcoming books and behind-the-scenes moments for released books. My Insta story is filled with what books I’m currently reading and what Author Takeovers and giveaways I’m running.

Stay tuned for the release date and cover reveal for THE PROTÉGÉ!


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